6 movies in which 'students ' life' is in perspective

It looks like the students have developed a reputation. Now everyone knows that we are pleasing, managing, leaders-tomorrow, who doesn't want anything more than to eat anything that offers us an education system, right?

Apparently there wasn't a note in Hollywood

In the film industry, as a rule, students are presented as confused, hormones, tortured by teenagers who do not want anything more than to be in any place, but in class and infinitely strenuously on it

The Breakfast Club

Let' s start with high school. It's a movie where stereotypes are faced in an epic comedy about delay on Saturday. If you're an alternative, rebellious, sock, sock, popular, or you have uncaring emotions about high school, this movie for you

"If you're an alternative, rebellious, sock, sock, popular, or you have any uncaring emotions about high school, this movie for you."

It is an obsession with a label, an environment in which there are many students, and who face stereotypes that are often used in secondary school and face difficulties. Sorry about the cliché, but it's actually coming out of the waiting and what you want to be. If you are still unsure, almost everyone who grew up in the ' 80s is really connected to

"I never understood how much I like to be at home, unless I was somewhere else."

With wit and humour and additional information

"... well, I'm higher!"

I'll be honest, this film isn't answering any questions, but it's good for a comic book. How many of you ever complained that you got the bus? The Buss were full and the rampart, and they had crashed on rainy days and usually represented security diaries. As students, we are not familiar with public transport, but I want someone to remember what experience was at the bus stop. If you need a break from all this deep thinking about the future, look

"All you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself."

Fast forward. You have finished working after high school, and you have nothing but gasoline, a semi-finished documentary and some annoying friends in your apartment. That's where the question "what I want to do with my life" is becoming more and more relevant. Many of us have a plan, as we want our lives to be like the way we graduated. Perhaps the room makes sense for anything that might go wrong. Because shit often goes wrong. Honest, funny, and ultimately hope

" In most cases people feel separate. It is separately from everything [ ...] and they are not. They are part of every and all. "

This is a rather incomprehensible fantasy-drama about a young boy with unique abilities. Maybe you didn' t hear about it, and it's cool. It's especially important for me to watch this movie. He deals with bullying, but more subtle. This is one of my personal favorite, because he is one of the main heroes of the hero, the powder. He's going to question what you know about beauty and what makes someone special. This film is bright, elegant and powerful, just like the character itself

Good Will Hunting

"Real losses are only possible when you love something more than yourself."

Inspekative teaching films are joyful films. I'd like to

You can do that. Although these films have a romantic mark in the film industry, there are answers that can be found in them, even though it is only a question of how long the writing of this medium-term paper is for two more hours

Let the movie marathon begins

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